Saturday questions.

OK here come the questions. If you want to answer these too, copy and paste them to your blog, write the answers there, and then drop a comment on this post with the link to your’s. > When was the last time you were up all night? Isle or window seat? Do you have anything… Continue reading Saturday questions.

Questions for the weekend.

Yeah I was going to post these yesterday. However My Spectrum installer didn’t get here until like 6 something last night, and didn’t finish until 8. I was really tired after he got done. He was supposed to be here .between 3 and 4, and usually they get here on time. Anyway, here are today’s… Continue reading Questions for the weekend.

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Here are some questions.

They’re purposely left blank. I have a text file of over 2400 of them. Every time, I’ll pick a few random ones from the file and post them here. I’ll answer them on my personal blog right here. You can do this too. If you want, answer on your blog, and drop the link in… Continue reading Here are some questions.

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I was going to start posting questions last week, then my internet died for 5 days. My fiber line was broken. How about I start later today?

Hello world!

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Let’s get this thing started!!

I’m attempting to revive the old blog memes. Ya know, the things that used to happen on a weekly and/or daily basis that used to have questions, and people used to post the answers on their blogs. For a while there was one called