Let’s get this thing started!!

I’m attempting to revive the old blog memes. Ya know, the things that used to happen on a weekly and/or daily basis that used to have questions, and people used to post the answers on their blogs. For a while there was one called That’s My Answer It looks to be taken over by squaters.
That’s the kind of thing I’m going for, though. I’m definitely not going to post daily. Right now I’ll aim for 2-3 times weekly. I have a text file with almost 2400 questions I’ve found from various places, and those are the questions I’ll be posting.

By hope

Blind blogger who loves anything and everything web-based. I also love answering questions, filling out those old-fashioned Facebook/Myspace surveys, and taking online quizzes. I used to love those blog memes that posted on a regular basis with questions that you drop into your blog and answer.

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